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Do you enjoy Damsel-to-Dangerous stories? Better yet, do you need them like I do? Then maybe you’re in the right place. Maybe you’re a dastardly disabled dancer with Dain Bramage, doing daring deeds while—no wait. That’s me.

But maybe you’re like me. Or maybe you’re nothing like me but someone you love is and you want to understand them better. Maybe you’re just curious. Maybe you’re seeking new tools & toys for navigating Traumatic Brain Injury, cluelessly undiagnosed neurodivergence, sensory overload, or that devastating plague called people-pleasing.

You need to understand—we’re not plowing head-first toward some Grand Overcomer’s Hollywood Happy Ending around here. (Who really gets to have one of those, anyway?) This is a dance of endurance and creative jerry-rigging. It’s a story about being blown off course, smashed against the rocks, caught in the doldrums with no oars—and transforming all that feces into fuel and artistic fertilizer.

It’s also a treasure hunt: silver linings, rainbows, and the awe of lightning just before it crumbles the tower to make room for something new.

Something that turned out to be even better than the course I’d had so strategically mapped out for my life. Maybe you know exactly what I mean.

If so, I’ve been searching for you. This publication is the hoist of my freak-flag.

All me: little girl with a tightly closed mouth, woman in man's medieval armor, nerd in a neck brace, karate orange belt, intense elbow-strike
  • 1978 - Silencing of the Lamb

  • 1995 - Warrior Princess - first time in medieval armor

  • 2000 - My first TBI & spinal injuries

  • 2005 - Little Tiger: itsy-bitsy orange belt

  • 2020 - Becoming a Warrior Queen - eternally training

If you stick around you’ll also get:

LIES, ALL LIES! (That sometimes tell deeper truths than what I’m willing to share in my memoirs.)

Are you obsessed with the 80s? I’m not. I lived it. It was glorious! It was hideous, and it has infiltrated my fiction. Welcome to coming-of-age in the era that birthed the walkman and the boombox, Pac-man and Nintendo, Jazzercise and Flashdance, the mullet and hair-metal.

A teenage boy wracks pool balls while the white cue ball stares you down front and center. The Wreck Room - coming of age in the 80s.

As I transform my atrocious blackmail fodder—I mean, the floppy disks and dot-matrix printouts of my adventures from the 1980s into serial novels, novellas, and short stories, I’ll be sharing the behind-the-scenes research and geeking out while prepping them for publication HERE in this Section.

And yes. That includes the mixtapes, yo. (Duh. 80s) Watch Notes for those.

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If you generously subscribe with a paid membership…whuff. I SALUTE YOU. You have my deepest gratitude, because you will be helping to save my disabled butt!

(I actually don’t qualify for Disability Assistance because I was not a minor, not elderly, and yet too young to have earned enough working credits when a drunk driver gave me my first TBI.)

When brain glitches or other un-fun adventures occur, I stop being able to be consistent. I mean, everybody does, but this happens to me so frequently and hits me like a tank, which prevents me from promising you some sort of clockwork special subscriber somethin’-somethin’. This is why I don’t feel right about charging a specified price for what I do.

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Bitmoji of the author in a winter hat and comfy snowflake sweater, holding out a huge, steaming mug of heart—I mean love.

Hi. I’m Alexx Hart, writey fighty dancer nerd. Both Bella and Beast. I’ll be your navigator on this high-seas clown-ride. It spans my days as a geeky Valedictorian and college honors brainiac…to twitching-n-drooling behind blackout curtains amidst the ravages of Dain Bramage, unable to shop for groceries, brush my own hair, or get the simplest words out of my mouth. We’ll range from the glamour and glitz of an international touring belly dancer to the grunge and grit of medieval armored combat. From black belt test crucibles to the even harder, more grueling ones.

  • Like sitting in silence and truly hearing my own thoughts for the first time.

  • Like staring into the mirror and meeting my own eyes.

  • Like learning to face what I found there, much less love it.

  • Love her.

  • Me.

  • Like reading my journals and finding out who I have been for the first time (and again for the second first time, and again for the third first time) because I don’t form consistent memories after falling asleep anymore.

We’ll be headed through some NSFW, adult-content waters—of both the stormy and the steamy variety—so if you’re uncomfy with that or you’re under 18, abandon ship now!


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Damsel To Dangerous tales. Silver lining treasure hunts for surviving TBI, nice-girlidom, & neurodivergence. Coming-of-age in the 80s.


Writey-Fighty Dancer Nerd. Innovative Creative. Both Bella & Beast. Needs more clones. Or crew. AKA Isidora in dance.
Writey-fighty-dancer nerd. Innovative Creative. Both BellaDancer & Beast in search of Home and My Kind.